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Country Report: United KingdomLast updated: 25/12/15


Asylum Aid

The preparation of the UK report was coordinated by Asylum Aid. The research and drafting was primarily undertaken by Gina Clayton on a consultancy basis for Asylum Aid. Information was obtained through a combination of desk-based research and consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Asylum Aid wishes to thank all those individuals and organisations who gave up their time and expertise to contribute or check information gathered during the initial and subsequent research. Particular thanks are owed to Kamla Adiseshiah (Asylum Aid), Gabriella Bettiga (Gherson Solicitors), Gary Christie (Scottish Refugee Council), Phil Dailly (Migrant Help), Judith Dennis (British Refugee Council), Sushila Dhall (Refugee Resource), Rachel Farrier (Refugee Survival Trust), Patrick Jones (Asylum Aid), Mike Kaye (Still Human Still Here), Duncan Lane (UKISA), Alexandra McDowall (UNHCR), Jerome Phelps (Detention Action), Sile Reynolds (Refugee Action), Sarah-Jane Savage (UNHCR), Sonya Sceats (Freedom from Torture), Amanda Shah (Refugee Action), Debora Singer (Asylum Aid), Dave Stamp (ASIRT), Carita Thomas (Howells solicitors), Adeline Trude (Bail for Immigration Detainees), and Roger Warren Evans (Asylum Justice).

This report was edited by ECRE.

The information is up-to-date as of 30 September 2015.


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