Overview of main changes since the first report



Refugee Rights Turkey

The first report was published in May 2015.

The present update entails significant changes and revisions from the first version of the Turkey country report published in May 2015. This new version of the report entails an extended General Introduction to the Turkey Asylum Context, specifically elaborating on the key characteristics of both the “temporary protection” regime in place for refugees from Syria and the new “international protection” procedure that applies to all the other nationalities of individually arriving asylum seekers.

This extended introductory section also outlines the current state of transition to the new legal framework laid down by the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (LFIP) and recent changes in UNHCR’s special role in Turkey as a ‘complementary’ protection actor. The report’s core chapter on the “international protection” procedure was significantly revised and redrafted, presenting much more elaborate analysis of Turkey’s new asylum procedures for non-Syrian individually arriving protection seekers.

This new version of the report also presents a completely redrafted and elaborated version of the chapter on the “temporary protection” regime in place for refugees from Syria, both in terms of the legal framework and an overview of practices on the ground.

Finally, a compilation of up to date statistics as well as a slightly revised overview of the evolving new domestic asylum legislation are presented in the current version of the report. The new section on statistics also entails an explanatory note regarding the limitations of publicly available data on Turkish asylum system.

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