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Relocation statistics: 22 September 2015 – 31 December 2017

Relocation from Italy

Relocation from Greece













Source: SEM, Statistics provided by email, 12 January and 9 February 2018.

Switzerland has pledged 1,500 places under the relocation scheme so far, and 1,476 persons have been relocated, mainly nationals of Eritrea (881) and Syria (551) and few people from Iraq (40) and Central African Republic (4).


Relocation procedure

On average, the duration of the procedure, from the relocation request to the arrival of the person in Switzerland, is around 4 months. According to the SEM, the proceedings conducted by Greece lasted, on average, about 3 weeks longer than those conducted by Italy. This difference in the duration of the proceedings can be explained from the fact that the examination of the dossiers submitted by Greece concerned more complex profiles of individuals. In cases of relocation of unaccompanied children from Italy, the procedure was slightly longer as Italy has certain additional procedural requirements regarding the organisation of the departure.

So far over 5% of all the requests have been rejected for security reasons.

Normally, there is no prioritisation of cases. The SEM treats the requests in the order in which they arrive. In certain individual cases, the Italian or Green authorities ask for an accelerated treatment (for example for medical reasons). As far as possible, the SEM takes this into account. So far there have not been any particular difficulties relocating vulnerable groups.1


Post-arrival treatment

Upon arrival, relocated persons enter the normal asylum procedure and are treated like persons who apply for asylum directly in Switzerland.2

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