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Different forms of material reception conditions exist in the law. They include: (a) accommodation in asylum seekers reception centres; (b) accommodation in any other facility that is funded by the Ministry of the Interior; and (c) financial benefits. This section will refer to the forms and levels of financial assistance available to asylum seekers.

The reform of the law on asylum has introduced a single allowance, the allowance for asylum seekers (ADA).1 It replaces the monthly subsistence allowance (AMS) and the temporary waiting allowance (ATA).

ADA is granted to asylum seekers above 18 years old,2 who accept material conditions proposed by OFII until their asylum claim has been processed or until their transfer to another responsible State is effective. Only one allowance per household is allowed.3 The payment of the allocation ends at the end of the month following the notification of a final decision on the claim.

The amount of ADA is calculated on the basis of resources, type of accommodation provided and age criteria. Family composition, in particular the number of children, is taken into account in the calculation of ADA.4 The total amount of ADA is re-evaluated once a year, if needed, to take into account the inflation rate.

The daily amount of ADA is defined upon application of the following scale:5

Composition of the household

ADA daily rate

1 person

6.80 €

2 persons

10.20 €

3 persons

13.60 €

4 persons

17 €

5 persons

20.40 €

6 persons

23.80 €

7 persons

27.20 €

8 persons

30.60 €

9 persons

34 €

10 persons

37.40 €

An additional daily rate of 4.20€ is payed to adult asylum seekers who have accepted to be accommodated but who cannot be accommodated through the national reception scheme.

ADA is payed to asylum seekers on a monthly basis directly by OFII on a card, similar to a credit card that can be used by asylum seekers. It is not necessary for asylum seekers to open a bank account to benefit from ADA (except in some cases where asylum seekers are overseas) and use the card.6

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