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Country Report: CyprusLast updated: 07/11/16


FutureWorldsCenter (FWC)

This report was written by Corina Drousiotou, Head of the Humanitarian Affairs Unit, NGO Future Worlds Center and Manos Mathioudakis, Senior social advisor of the Humanitarian Affairs Unit, NGO Future Worlds Center, assisted by Fatema Islam, Mary Zalokosta, Panayiota Toumazou and updated by Marie Vassiliou. The report was edited by ECRE.

All information provided in this report on detention conditions are based on monitoring visits carried out by Future Worlds Center in March 2014, for the submission of comments to the Committee against Torture pending their visit in April 2014 and for the purpose of drafting the report for the AIDA website, on monitoring visits carried out in January 2015 as well as based on information collected during the weekly visits to the centre for the representation of individual cases by Future Worlds Center.

The information in this report is up-to-date as of 27 November 2015.


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