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Country Report: BelgiumLast updated: 29/12/15


Belgian Refugee Council (CBAR/BCHV)

This report was written by Ruben Wissing, Coordinator for policy and legal work at BCHV-CBAR.

BCHV-CBAR wishes to thank all those individuals and organisations who gave up their time and expertise to contribute or check information gathered during the research. Particular thanks for their contribution to this update are owed to:

  • Marjan Claes, Geertrui Daem, Evelien Vandeven and Charlotte van der Haert at BCHV-CBAR
  • Filipe Van Huylenbroeck and Eric Somers at Kruispunt Migratie-Integratie
  • Bieke Machiels at Fedasil
  • Carl Claus and Nicolas Perrin at the Aliens Office (AO)
  • Dirk Van den Bulck, Pascal Robaeys and Stefaan Moens at the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRS)
  • Rudi Jacobs at the Council for Aliens Law Litigation (CALL)
  • Philippe Pede at the Guardianship Service of the Ministry of Justice
  • Kris Pollet and Minos Mouzourakis at ECRE.

The information in this report is up-to-date as of 18 November 2015.


To access the updated report, you can navigate through the table of contents on the right end side or download the full report (in PDF) above.

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