UK: Independent review calls for change in detention policy

An independent review into the welfare of persons subject to immigration detention has called on the UK to reduce detention, "boldly and without delay" for "both for reasons of welfare and to deliver better use of public money". The report contains numerous recommendations, ranging from a ban on detention of pregnant women and a presumption against detaining other vulnerable groups such as victims of FGM or sexual violence, to the closure of the Cedars pre-departure accommodation near Gatwick airport where children continue to be detained.

This report adds to the sharp criticisms levelled against the UK's detention policy by the Chief Inspector of Prisons, who published a report on the Immigration Removal Centres of Yarl's Wood in 2015, calling it "rightly a place of national concern". Another report was published in 2015 following a visit to the detention centre The Verne.


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Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. Photo credit: The Guardian.

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