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26 / 05 / 15

The Greek Asylum Service announced on Monday 25 May 2015 that: "the Regional Asylum Office of Attica, from 25 May until further notice would attend to a reduced number of people due to lack of personnel.

22 / 05 / 15

The latest AIDA report on Sweden provides information on a fast-track procedure for applications made by Syrian and Eritrean nationals, and, in some cases, Somali nationals.

15 / 05 / 15

The Greek Asylum Service issued a press release on 14 May 2015 regarding Syrian refugees protesting outside the Regional Asylum Office in Attica. Protesters have been waiting for months to submit their application, queuing in front of the Office and unsuccessfully trying to book an appointment via skype for the registration of their claim.

15 / 05 / 15

The new AIDA report on Greece, among other issues, discusses the commitments made by the new Greek government, in February 2015, towards reducing the use of immigration det

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