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17 / 01 / 17

Asylum statistics for 2016 in key European countries are in the process of being published by national authorities. This article provides an overview of asylum trends, up-to-date as of 17 January 2017.

16 / 01 / 17

The Italian Presidential Decree 234/2016, setting out a procedure for age assessment of unaccompanied children victims of trafficking, entered into force on 6 January 2017.

10 / 01 / 17

The Greek Council for Refugees has published a report of its latest monitoring visits to Leros and Kos, held in September and November 2016 respectively.

06 / 01 / 17

Following Italy’s change of government, a Circular issued on 30 December 2016 by the Head of the Italian Police and distributed to all police authorities across the Italian territory before the end of the year has outlined commitments towards a stricter policy on migration control.

02 / 01 / 17

In a judgment of 23 December 2016, the French Council of State examined the appropriateness of the level of the ADA, the allowance for asylum seekers (Allocation pour demandeur d’asile), for asylum seekers who are not placed in a reception centre throughout their asylum procedure.

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