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24 / 08 / 16

The Italian Justice Minister has announced in a recent hearing the intention to abolish the second-instance judicial (“onward”) appeal before the Court of Appeal (Corte d'Appello) available to asylum seekers whose appeal against a negative asylum decision has been dismissed.

17 / 08 / 16
The Swiss Refugee Council (OSAR) has published a report regarding the reception conditions in Italy.
12 / 08 / 16

In September 2015, Poland agreed to relocate more than 6,000 asylum seekers from Italy and Greece. Until now, no one has been relocated to Poland. In this article, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights tracks the evolution of Poland’s negative approach to the relocation scheme.

22 / 07 / 16

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, an ECRE member, has issued a letter detailing barriers to access to the territory and the asylum procedure at Poland's Eastern border-crossing points:

15 / 07 / 16

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee has documented the early implications of the latest amendments to the Hungarian Asylum Act and the Act on State Border, entering into force on 5 July 2016, allowing the police to automatically push back persons apprehended within 8 kilometres of the Serbian and Cro

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