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09 / 12 / 16

On 30 November 2016, the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration presented a general policy note to the Parliament on the future of Belgium’s refugee protection and migration policy.

09 / 12 / 16

ECRE conducted a fact-finding visit to Croatia between 28 November and 1 December 2016. Through its visit, ECRE examined the current situation of asylum procedures and reception conditions available to asylum seekers, including those returned under the Dublin system.

08 / 12 / 16

The European Commission issued today a Recommendation to Member States to reinstate Dublin procedures in respect of persons entering Greece from 15 March 2017 onwards.

08 / 12 / 16

The European Commission published today its Fourth Report on the implementation of the EU-Turkey statement, which aims to take drastic measures to ensure an increase in the number of returns from Greece to Turkey.

25 / 11 / 16

The Swedish Ministry of Justice has submitted a proposal establishing an age assessment procedure at an early stage in the asylum process. The bill amends the Swedish Aliens Act and Aliens Ordinance to that end.

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